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Arnica carpet trading complex

This is Samaneh Rahimi, the founder of the Arnica Carpet Trading Group

In 1389, I completed my undergraduate studies in carpet design at Ardakan Faculty of Science and Art, Yazd. Despite my lack of interest in this profession, I had a unique talent in designing hand-woven carpets. I remember that in those years, I made a design for one of I used to work as a producer, and when I was drawing it in university, the friendly art students and professors who were kind to me gathered around me and encouraged and welcomed me when they saw my design. Read more

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Advantages of buying handmade carpets

Among us Iranians, hand-woven carpets are a symbol of culture, authenticity and art, and they have a special place all over the world, and most of the world knows Iran by its hand-woven carpets.

The difference between original and machine-woven carpets

It is important for those who intend to buy and price a hand-woven carpet to be able to distinguish a hand-woven carpet from a fake and machine-made carpet.


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